Hibiscus Peach Lemonade

Drink Description: Karkade, a hibiscus tea, is widely used in Middle Eastern homes to poach pears and to recreate a non-alcoholic mulled wine. For a sweet and smooth lemonade that delivers Middle Eastern living in a glass, it’s tough to beat the Hibiscus Peach Lemonade. The refreshing floral note added to the fruity drink gives you the perfect concoction to savour after a long day.​
DaVinci Gourmet Ingredients:
  • Peach Garden Syrup 10ml
  • Lemonade Syrup 15ml
Other Ingredients:
  • Ice 200gm
  • Hibiscus tea 50ml
  • Soda water 50ml
  • Torched Pineapple wedge Garnish
  • Mint Garnish
  • Add DaVinci Gourmet ingredients into glass
  • Add ice and soda water
  • Add hibiscus tea
  • Garnish and serve
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